My friend of over 25 years (not that that matters but might explain a few things) is making me her POA. She has cancer and has been told that she has months to maybe a year to live. She does have a mom and sister alive but she does not want them as her POA. She knows that they will be thinking emotionally when decisions need to be made and although I will also be thinking emotionally I can also think logically and do what is in her best interest. My question you know if I would be covered with FMLA as her legal POA? I'm doubting I would be but thought it couldn't hurt to ask.

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POA doesn't mean you have to care for them. Its about handling her finances for her and carrying out her medical wishes. You are not responsible personally for her bills either. I think you need to be with her when she assigns you. Then the lawyer can explain ur responsibilities.
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You aren’t eligible for FMLA. She’s your friend. Being a POA doesn’t make you eligible for FMLA, no matter who you are POA for. FMLA allows you to take time off work to care for immediate family members without losing your job.
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