Someone told my sister and brother that i went to the nursing desk and demanded my Moms medical records.I DID NOT DO THIS.I Talked to the administrator 3 times telling her i did not demand anything and she said she knew that.she told me she talked to my brother and told him that i did not demand it.but my brither says she told him i my family has turned their backs to me and calling me a liar.How can i get this Administrator to listrn to me and resolve this without going to court

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i agree- i dont believe them-they dont want u involved and so they push your buttons- and u(and so did i) believe their abusive and bullying accusations-
i was my moms med poa for 13 yrs- then, when she fell and broke her leg, all of a sudden i was told my brother was now the med poa- and that i was not !!!
this was when an ins. policy kicked in, a policy iwas not "authorized to get info from" and my brother-who lives n mass- was now the one to take over all medical issues- said i was no longerneeded or wanted-
which was stupid since i knewthe most about moms med history- and had a close relationship with her drs for yrs-mom and i lived very close to eachother- and i would spend time,nites,etc there-
come to find out- after 1 and a half yrs of extreme frustrations,pain,exclusion from her med care-ridicule,not given any info-and totally excluded in the decision to move her to mass 1 day after surgery to a nh without anyone she knows being with her-isolating her from friends and me closing the house up and god only knows what he did with the contents-it was where we grew up and mom had been there for over 50 yrs--y brother still says its in storage -but wont say where or why i am being
prevented from knowing-
i finally found out- it was all a lie about the med poa!!!!!!!!!
im still trying to find out what happend to everything in the house- how dare he eclude e and change locks and do all this behind my back-and her house is only a few blocks from mine- but never said a waord when he was cleaning it out-most likely its gone ,since he will not tell me where it is- such a nasty selfish narcissist--and
all this time i believed him and have gone thru health and mental breakdowns
because it was so bizarre , not in moms interest-,and didnt make sense-
and it was all a f&%&*in lie!!!!!!!!!!the bastard-
so , to get back to u- i would not be so quick to believe them-
and also remember- it is very possible the staff- her doctors etc have an idea something is off with your brother- but are protecting their own ass- just to be safe---
man, ihate this disease and the amount of hostility and old /hidden family issues
it brings to surface-
there must be something they are afraidfor you to see...
love and hugs

im still trying to find a way--if u know what i mean-
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Gammy57, I also don't understand the problem. You and the administration know the truth, but for some reason your family don't believe you? I'd say there was a problem in your family to begin with, when they automatically believe an unsubstantiated rumor as opposed to family. My suggestion would be, forget it. You've done all you can do at this point and your hands are clean. Plus, even if you HAD asked to see your mothers medical records, why do they care? Is there something that they are afraid for you to see? hmmm
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Invite them to go see the Administrator to clear things up. If they don't want to go, I'll bet it's b/c they're making it up to find out if you have some ulterior motive. Once there, ask for 3 copies of the medical records. That should make everybody happy. ... Or not.
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hi- im not sure i understand -
what is it that u want the admin. to do?
or r u just venting?because i know how it feels to be the object of the disrespect game , that some of our siblings play!
take a breath-
sending some hugs,
vent..its good 4 u!
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Why would it bother your family if you asked to see medical records? There must be a story behind this.

And if the administrator really told your brother you didn't and you said you didn't why isn't he believing you? (Why would the admin lie about such things?)

And going to court? Over what?

Too confusing by half.
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I'm confused. Why would it matter to your siblings if you had?
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