Is anyone familiar with "Community Medicaid" in New York? My eldercare experience is only in Florida with my Dad. My cousin in New York is working on getting 24/7 aide care for my 97 year old grandmother in her home once she is released from the hospital. He has located an eldercare advisor and is meeting with her tomorrow. I looked up the advisor and she does appear to be an actual eldercare attorney with no disciplinary issues filed. The program they are discussing is a Community Medicaid program which would cover care in her home instead of in a nursing facility. Which sounds great, but when he told me there would be an outlay of $5-8k into one account and $2-4k for the service...well it set off my eldercare fraud radar so I'm helping him research first. This is the program he is describing (this is not the advisor he's using, but this site gives a clear description) I can't find an NY government website which makes reference to this program. Is anyone familiar with this? Thanks for your help!

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