My mother is on medicaid and has caregivers come in to help her for 16 hours a day, possibly 24 hrs in the fall. We are not thrilled with this particular agency as the caregivers come and go constantly for personal reasons. Her social worker recommended this one first, so though she has others to choose from, does anyone in the Fairfield CTY region of CT know of good, reliable agencies that accept medicaid?? Mom is getting frustrated, and we constantly have to meet and greet new people that stay a day or two. When she has 24 hr care, because of state rules she will have one caregiver for 4 days and another for 3 days. That is absolutely fine, if we can keep the same 2!

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Sorry, wish we had a list of a Agencies that we could recommend, or wait for someone who is a caregiver from the Fairfield county area but that could be far and few between.

You could check with your local county on Aging to see if they have a list of caregiving Agencies that accept Medicaid. Or call your State Medicaid office. You are lucky that Connecticut has such a program where caregivers come to help that many hours, that is great.
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