I found out that my almost 65 year old sister had a massive stroke last November. We have been estranged for many years and she has no other living relatives, never married, no children. She has been on some sort of medicaid for many years and has had a case worker for several years. That case worker was the one who contacted me, but now I, nor the long term care facility where my sister is now, have been able to contact her.

The problem is that in order for the care facility to qualify my sister for medicaid assistance, they need to know her financial status. I have no idea what that might be or where to inquire. She is unable to communicate and apparently time is running short for that facility to keep her. If anyone can help or suggest anything that I can do, I would appreciate it and pass on the information to the care facility. I live outside the country and am unable to visit my sister and all of the information that I have from that facility is sketchy at best, no one knows if she might have given someone her health care POA at some time.

Thank you.

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Hi Sister,
This is heartbreaking. I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you, but I wanted to let you know that you have been heard. I'm hoping that one of the experts on Medicare/Medicaid can help. Meanwhile, you have the sympathy of many of us who've been through red-tape mazes.
Take care of yourself,
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Hi Carol....Thank you for your kind words. Should I repost this in another category here? Or do you know of a Medicare Medicaid hot line? This is all new to me and you're is heartbreaking. Poor girl.
You take care too.
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