Even persons of dysfunction need help, my stepbrother has MS, is 57, and still wants t remain, and in deep control, the control part may have worked in the past , but makes him look like he is ready for commitment.

He has an application in for one but refuses to let anyone near the paperwork (SSI benefits710.00 letter), to complete the process, and has not been declared incompetent.

He is also in this economy being foreclosed upon, because they never gave him SSI amount , his retirement amount is 430.00, so when the stock market lost, his stocks lost, that was how he was supplementing his income. So he is loosing his house which he should have sold, but did not.

1) He has been getting SSI for 10 years any way for him to recover what they did not give him?

2) He has an eviction looming and makes getting anywhere, a good idea, but refuses to give up the paper work or do anything that would get him out of the line of fire.

3) Would the next step, be a drastic one, of a psych evaluation against his will?

This one has me stumped, I guess because he is not old. And of course the family is dysfunctional, that is why I was never invited to his house, our whole adult life, but am there now to remove possessions of his that belonged to my grandmother

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