My mom loves to be active on Facebook and we thought it was nice because she can get to see pictures communicate with friends and it helps with her memory.
However lately she has been friending strange people and they have actually been communicating back to her, people she does not know.
We have adjusted her privacy settings but somehow she manages to get onto strange profiles and they manage to get onto her profile.
We would hate to take Facebook away from her as she enjoys looking at the pictures and posts from friends but she continually wanders into areas she does not belong.

Yes, I would check everyday to see if strangers have suddenly become friends. I have a friend who, at the age of 52! has been scammed out of thousands of $$ by a Nigerian/Cyprus online dating scheme. I mean--I'm no computer genius, but I NEVER , and I MEAN NEVER 'friend' someone I do not personally know or is not known by several of my friends. It's been a horror story--and she was, I thought, a smart lady!

I'd keep her acct very small and with a short list of 'friends'. My MIL is on FB a but and it is how she communicates with family as she doesn't want to be out and away from her home. Sometimes my DH has had to call her and tell her to take down a post she's done or unfriend a stranger.

Some people are super proud of the fact they have over 4,000 friends---methinks they 'friend' any soul whose path they cross. I'm not impressed. You cannot have a close relationship with 4500 people.

And I routinely clean out my friends list. People who haven't commented or responded within a year to something I've posted--they don't need to be my 'friend'.
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It can be VERY dangerous. There are predators out there. And they start by sending out "private messages" to the account. If you "answer" then you are considered "connected" and can talk back and forth. That is how they get in without "friending you" or being on the "friends list". She is very vulnerable on FB even with ALL the privacy restrictions set so that she can't get in trouble. I would not worry overmuch if someone is acting as POA and handling all of Mom's accounts, but the money situation needs to be carefully monitored. We have seen people on the forum whose relatives have given away as much as 35,000.00. I have received I would say average of 2 requests to speak private message a month. I always press "block". But this is a dangerous thing. The loneliness is what they prey upon. Some pretend that they WORK for facebook and say that the senior has won a prize.
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So sorry. Facebook has been a nightmare for us as my mom has friended and unfriended everyone, told people off on the public pages, been scammed(was even talking to the person on the phone) , shared strangers pictures (and mine) to other strangers and eventually was somehow banned...but is trying to get back on!

She thinks the friend suggestions are friend requests and doesn’t understand that writing a comment on someone’s wall is not a private message.

Facebook is NOT a great place for people with Alzheimer’s. It’s not private enough and puts the person at risk.

I know it’s nice to connect with family, but email or blogging or FaceTime or something else might be better.

I got my mom onto Pinterest and YouTube videos ...for entertainment purposes. Praying she doesn’t find a way back on to FB.
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Snevetsg57 Jan 14, 2020
Thank you!
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For anyone that is having trouble with social media and your loved one, please consider the Grandpad. By Consumer has been a godsend for my Mother. It gives her all of what she’s looking for or remembers about social media and it’s so safe..At least, a great option for us.
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You do know that that there’s no setting that prevents her from finding other people’s profiles right? You can lock down her profile that very little information can be seen by those who aren’t on her “friends” list but if she has a Facebook account, there’s no way to Prevent contact with other people.
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Is Mum living with you? Your profile says "at home", but does not indicate if she is living on her own or with family.

I think the only thing you can do is actively monitor her account, if you do not want to remove her access to it. You can do this from afar, by logging into her account on your phone or from your home. You will have to block conversations and unfriend/block people on a regular basis. Report spam etc.
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My mother has been scammed out of 55,000.00 plus. Please, please do not let her continue on FB. If you have POA, you can close down her internet carrier.
This is a growing problem with the elderly. Their are people who have been scammed out of the title to their home! It is a nightmare! I have talked to my local, state, and federal authorities. It is an up hill climb and a daunting task once one has been scammed. Do yourself and your family and favor, and stop ALL contact with FB. It will save your mother and family from a never ending nightmare.
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Not really sure how you can oversee it. Things are always popping up with "you may know this person". I get friend requests from men overseas. And everyone she friends has friends and thats where those "you may know this person" comes from.

I would first make everything private/only friends. I would check her friends list everyday and unfriend anyone you or her don't personally know. If you haven't, don't sign her up for Messenger. Lots of unwanted stuff thru there too. I don't think FB has parent controls because I think there is an age limit.
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I strongly advise you to secure her Facebook account(s) by any means. I say plural because elders create multiple accounts because they get locked out of one account. I know one woman who has a total of 27 Facebook accounts. Another lady is Facebook friends with people she DOES NOT KNOW from all over the world. Neither of these women are of lucid mind. Scam artists prey on elders. Their sole objective is to "hook people into a FANTASTICAL deal."
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