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Does anybody know an eye doctor who makes house calls in Chicago?

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My knowledge of eye doctors (not in Chicago, but in NYC) is that they don't make house calls.

There ARE optometrists who call in at Nursing Homes.

What is your loved one's eye issue and what other health issues prevent him/her from getting to a doctor outside the home?
He is 100 years old,and housebound. Just needs a prescription for eye glasses.
Call your Area Agency on Aging and ask your question. I hope they can help you!
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If it is just a matter of needing new glasses his old eye doctor can make some from the old prescription. Has his vision changed noticeably, does he really need a new eye exam?
At that age, it's likely he's a WWII veteran. If he's registered for health care, he can be examined by a VA doctor, at the VA. I don't recall where I read this, but I believe the VA can arrange for transportation. My recollection is that the van leaves to return veteran patients sometime in the mid afternoon (in our area), so I assumed that the van also picked up the patients.

Contact your local VA for more information, and I hope you find something that works out.

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