Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I was last on here.

My parents have been in their assisted living place for over 5 years. It's worked out very well.

This year my mom's Parkinsons' has progressed (she's probably nearing stage 5 -they're heading to their doctor in September.) Mom (88) was diagnosed 6 years ago though she had it longer than that.

My dad now takes her to the bathroom a dozen times a day, dresses her, because she won't allow anyone else. This pattern is not the first. He is happy to do it but at 88 this is emotionally hard on him.

I have asked my dad to get extra help at the leveled care facility. So far he has allowed showers thank God. It's time for more (they can afford it.)

Mom can stand but freezes. She is in a wheelchair full time. She has PT twice a week and nurse comes in as well twice a week.

I am asking others about their experience with Parkinsons and what to expect. My dad is the complete opposite in terms of physical and emotional but even at 88 this is far too much for him. I'm thankful he is allowing more help but he can't leave the room without someone staying with her and won't allow anyone else to help her bathroom (odd since she's ok with shower.)

Should I just remain supportive and not push? What to expect as the disease progresses? Is stubborn part of this disease?

Thank you

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