I am cancer patient since 2007 now I have bone cancer , I get tired fast out of breath I have pain in my lower back and some other places. what I collect from ssi is not enough to make a living I am looking for axtra benefit to help me get by in my life time

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kbdfan060, I had cancer back in 2009 and I also had the problem of getting tired fast and out of breath.... how is your blood pressure? If you have high blood pressure, your doctor should prescribe blood pressure pills, that helped me with the *out of breath* issue.... I still get it once in awhile, especially carrying laundry from the basement to the 2nd floor.

As for getting tired, have blood work done to see if you need extra Vitamin B12... mine was off the chart low and had to start on B12 shots, made a lot of difference. I never felt so tired in my life than after surgery and months thereafter.

I didn't get SSI, so I lived off my savings until I returned to work. I was able to get back into career mode after being out of work for quite some time. I would worked a couple hours a day until I felt stronger, then added a couple more hours, etc. I realize this doesn't work for everyone.
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What does your doctor say your prognosis is, and are you still receiving cancer treatments? Has anyone suggested palliative care and/or pain management?
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