Can they go into the aged bank accounts which my sibling put his name upon?
(He controls my father?)
Can they check if CD:s have been transferred to his name?
Can they check if he has had my fathr sign beneficiary change forms?
I have seen blank beneficiary change forms around my dad's home.
Several hundreds of thousands of dollars are unaccounted for.
My mom and dad do not have enough for assisted living.
They are 91 and 67, in dementia, arthritic, but still basically healthy living
in their own home.
My brother, whom my dad has entrusted famly finances, claims most of all
monies are gone.
Called APS but has not heard nothing for months.
My brother has told geriatic doctor who called APS that this is all "imagined".
I am concerned my parents cannot deserve tot have the quality of care that they have worked and saved all their lives for.
My sister in law runs the show.
I have been excluded from all financial decisions.

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Look up the number for your state attorney general's office. They have a division that investigates elder abuse - of which financial is included. They will take your information over the phone and then they have 72 hours to investigate. I called them on my brother (who had written checks to himself for thousands of dollars) and they sent out a social worker to talk to mom. In my situation, mom refused to prosecute so they dropped the case. (Now, I am her POA and it won't happen again.) Call them. They will send someone to investigate.
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My parents are 91 and 87.
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