They wouldn't stop until they became legal guardian regardless of how many lies they had to make up to get there. There is a billing trail a mile high since their care started and there are no real significant health issues with the ward except AD. "Ward" has a very important relationship with many people and it feels like abuse with all the blood being drawn, x-rays, MD visits. I don't know why Medicare is still paying for all these bills, it seems like they would see a trend. But then, when you have an older person, it's totally a normal thing that they would have medical bills so people do not raise eyebrows when they should. When doctors catch on and refuse to order the unnecessary tests, they get switched. Now the ward is so stressed at doctors' offices, fear in the eyes when they call the name to go back. And AD had worsened under care and exhaustion has increased, but they go,go,go. Seems the guardian gets energized when they can find any tiny excuse to go to the doctor for.

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