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Klonopin worked okay on my mom at first. Then I swear she became immuned to it and it stopped working. Her doctor would not increase dosage. Mom wasn't able to take lexapro due to reaction. I have dealt with anxiety issues with her at times so intense her heart was literally pounding out of her chest. I found a new geriatric psych. who briefly had her on Xanax which helped ALOT. but he discontinued it due to the sediation effect it had. This doctor is all about "quality of life" not sediation. He put her on a combo of Remeron and high dose of Neurotin along with Celexa(spelling?) Mom has made quite a turn around without sediation effect. and sleeps well now at night. From what I gather every patient responds differently. Its just finding that right combo. Also, just to mention some issues mom had with certain meds that caused anxiety issues. Such as Risperdol. New dr says it can have adverse effects on some alz/dementia patients causing anxiety, as well as Namenda which mom still takes 2x/day but 2nd dose is no longer at bedtime rather at supper to help with nighttime anxiety.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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