I have recently submitted the forms to the VA and waiting to see if my 94 yr old father will qualify for this benefit. Because he has spoken about always seeking out his "GI" benefits, I am hoping he will adjust to being in a Veterans facility.

Were you happy with the care? How did your loved one do there? Did you find that there was enough staff to take care of the simple needs? My Dad has macular degeneration in one eye and low vision in the other so that presents issues such as eating, adjusting tv and radio. His loss of eyesight was the worst for him to accept because he did like to read the paper and watch sports. He never did adjust to such aids as talking books or reading machines-just could not get the concept. Anyway, back to my question! I just would like to hear some feedback on the VA because I am trying to be hopeful that this would be a solution for his care. I also have brother at home who is 61 and has MS so I am always worrying about the care of both of them. Lately it just seems I am so overwhelmed with their care that I am not able to enjoy much of anything else-I try and make time for myself but never really fully relax because of the situation. I know there are a bunch of us out there who feel the same way! I am 65, retired and am grateful I am still pretty healthy and do have the time for all of this. But it has begun to take its toll and I do not want to lose myself here along the way. Thanks for reading and to anyone that responds. It really does help to share with all of you on this site.

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I haven't had any direct experience with long term care but have asked others who knew of situations in a specific VA facility. One in Michigan was described as "bad". I've heard other comments about one in the SE Michigan Metropolitan area but just because of the location I wouldn't be comfortable with it. It's also an antiquated building.

From what I've read and heard, it really depends on the specific facility and the staff.

What I would do is visit the facility you're considering, spend some time sitting and watching interactions between staff, patients and visitors. Ask to see the various rooms - communal rooms, library, dining rooms, etc.

Ask about anything that disturbs you. If the facility has a bad smell, as some nursing homes do, that should be a warning sign.

Another critical factor is staff to patient ratio.
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