My Mom is at an assisted Living Facility in CT. The facility tells me for the outside Care Providers that come into the Facility (The podiatrist, Her Primary Care Dr's PA, the Clinical APRN, etc), that it is The responsibility of those providers to notify me of visits to my mom.. I have spoken to other facilities and it seems that the outside providers only contact the family if there something especially wrong, a drastic change in diagnosis or if their is a specific reason the family member needs to speak with them directly. That for normal visits from these providers, the Facility's staff should be the me. Can anyone tell me of their experience. It is very frustrating for me as I am not getting notified by anyone..

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These are outside providers are arranged by the facility. Such as the PCP she has now is one the Facility suggested I use as he has a PA who comes in and sees patients.. She comes in on some kind schedule the facility has with the doctors office. I have No Idea how often Mom is seen or if mom is why she was seen or the outcome of the visit.
I use the Mental Health provider the Facility urged me to use for my Moms Dementia, they have an APRN that comes in (again on some schedule they have with the facility) and visits Mom in her room, The APRN assess Mom and prescribes or adjusts medicine as needed. But again I have no idea when The APRN is there, I just get a bill in the mail from the Mental Heath office.
If these were providers I was bringing in then of course I wouldn't expect it to be the facilities responsibility..
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I have to agree with rovana. If you are having outside providers come into the ALF, they should have to communicate with you first. Then you inform the ALF. My mom is going into Memory Care soon and when I asked if I could take her to doctor, dental appointments, etc. they asked me to let them know the day & time, so that they could get my mom ready.
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Have you talked to the outside care providers, explained your interest, given them your phone number? I think it is reasonable that assisted living staff don't want to be a message service.
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