We are working on Medicaid. If the NH is a non-profit, we ourselves wouldn't have to pay would we?She has been here 3 long, hellish weeks, and needs more than we can offer.

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She lives with my husband and me. Hellish because she is difficult and never had a good relationship with my husband or with me once we got married 40 years ago.
I am feeling burned out and frustrated and cry all the time because most of it is falling on me.
She can barely walk and sits in one spot all day.
I don't think I personally can deal with the stress.
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KSDavis, it is the responsibility of your mother-in-law to pay for the skilled nursing home [non-profit or not], but if she is on Medicaid pending, the nursing home might wait for that to kick in.

Did your Mom sign all the admitting papers? Or did you sign? Are you Mom's Power of Attorney? Hopefully if you are, that you signed as being Mom's Power of Attorney.

From your post, are you thinking of changing nursing homes? Curious what did you mean by 3 long hellish weeks? Was that the nursing home, or was it Mom being upset that she is now living there?
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