my siblings are threatening with giving them his bank statements and credit reports. Do i have to give them his credit report and bank statements?

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Are you sure they mean "credit report"? Isn't it more likely that they're asking for credit card statements, showing what monies were spent and what for?

As your father's executor, you are responsible for carrying out the terms of his will. You should expect to provide a full account of what his estate comprised and how it was distributed. I'm not sure what your responsibilities would be in terms of accounting for how his finances were managed during his lifetime. Unless you were also active on his behalf then, I can't see how you'd have any.

Do you have any objection in principle to giving your siblings the information they're asking for? Do you think they have any kind of sinister intention to use it?
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Sounds like they're really suspicious.

Do you have a probate attorney? If not, and there are funds in your father's estate, consider getting one. It'll not only provide you with guidance on handling your duties as Executrix, but an attorney can act as a buffer if siblings become too aggressive.

You do have obligations to provide certain accounting details, but I think the only reason why they would want a credit report is to find out more about what his assets and obligations were. I've never seen a credit report including banking account information, though.

You might also ask the probate court if there's any assistance or guidance for you in following your Executrix' obligations. This would include inventory of the assets, which would include financial accounts.
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Are your siblings beneficiaries of the will?
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