As the divorced ex wife of a now deceased veteran (married over 10 years) what benefits am I entitled to such as home care?

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Sadly there are no disability benefits available for ex-spouses. The benefits are for surviving spouses. One had to have been married to the veteran at the time of his passing to be a surviving spouse. The three pieces of evidence to support a surviving spouse claim are a copy of Discharge papers, marriage certificate and death certificate. On the death certificate the name of the surviving spouse is named. I assume that you are not named on his death certificate and therefore would not be able to produce the required minimum evidence to support a viable claim...I'm sorry!
This same question has been repeated two other times over several months.
What ur entitled to is his SS evaluated when you file for SS. It may give you a little more money. Had a friend get $200 more a month. She had been a widow and divorced after over ten years of marriage. SS didn't even ask her if she was a widow and divorced. She went back and was able to collect from her dead husband. If you are low income try Medicaid and your Office of Aging to see what services they offer.
Derivative Spousal Benefits from Social Security.

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