My sister and I are listed in my dad's will that if the time comes, which it has that she and I are to have health care proxy and power of attorney. We have a note from the Dr stating that he cannot make decisions for himself any more due to dementia. We have given this letter to his attorney, is there anything else we should do?

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It looks like you did the right thing. Hopefully, your dad drew up a legal and notarized POA that has provisions for health and financial decision making in case he is incapacitated or incompetent. The attorney can help you decipher the details. Hopefully your doctor will follow through and provide you with a written statement consistent with the legal wording contained in the POA stating your dad is incapable/incompetent to make decisions of financial and health care origin.

Once you have the proper notarized copies of the POAs in hand; you can make additonal copies and have one on his medical file with his doctor/hospital, etc. along with your updated contact information. Same goes for the bank, investment accounts so that you have full access to father's accounts and investments and can make financial decisions on his behalf.

Going forward, whenever you sign anything on your fathers behalf you should use the wording "signed by Ms. Linda Doe, POA on behalf of father, John Doe". That way you aren't liable for any debts or other contracts outside the estate -- for example if you decide to contract for nursing care in the home; or residential agreement in memory care unit, etc.
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