I am not sure how to respond when everything my mother says has a negativity to it. Using words like awful, horrid, brutal etc to describe even the snow fall.

The other day I mentioned that I lost my phone and her face got all twisted and she was acting like someone died and when I was going to get a new one and made it this awful thing...

It causes me to freeze up and not want to engage at all. She's so upset and I don't want to add to her stress by telling her how I feel which is that she consistently makes me not want to be around her.

I also have issues with feeling safe in my emotional space, and having my physical space respected.

I constantly feel under attack and on high alert around her. I just don't relax.

She also thinks everyone is out to get me and demanded some new friend's addresses. I'm 34 and completely frustrated. She's not trying to be upsetting.

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Does Mom have Dementia/ALZ?
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If you mother can take care of herself, then you need to move out, if you are living with her, and move on with your life.
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how old is your mom and are you living together? do you have to live with her (if you are)?

does she have mental health issues for a long time??
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