I wore Depends two days last week. That burst a few myths for me.

1) They are NOT comfortable. They always feel sweaty. They rub on the legs. If/when I really need disposable undies full time I will try every brand in different sizes to find the least uncomfortable for me.
2) They are NOT undetectable under clothing. They are bulky. The "panty line" shows. I wore tunic tops. Long loose tops are the best camouflage, I think. A loose skirt would probably be most inconspicuous and convenient.
3) With slacks, they are NOT easy to change. Can you imagine taking off your shoes and slacks and disposable and going through the entire process in reverse, in an airplane lavatory or most public restroom stalls? A skirt would make it someone easier.

They are necessary and awesome in some circumstances, and wearing them is better than bringing your life to a halt because of incontinence. Thank inventive minds that they are available! But as wonderful and necessary as they are, they do have drawbacks. I hope it is a good long while before I have to use them ... if ever!

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I remember when my Mom was trying to get Dad to wear the Guards, he didn't want to because those were "women's pads". Eventually he started wearing them and was grumbling.  Can't feel sorry for you Dad, now you know what women had to go through since the age of 12 or 13, for the next 40 some years.

And eventually we will be doing that again.... [sigh]
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ff -- these were the new slim kind I'd gotten as samples.

I agree with everyone that menstrual pads are not comfortable, either! But they were a big improvement over rags, I imagine (I'm not quite that old.)

I'm just a little more sympathetic to folks who resist wearing the dang things. It might not be just vanity and denial. Even the new upgraded versions are not very comfortable. Whereas before I might have said, "These are just like wearing panties, except we can throw them away," now I would say, "Yes, I know they aren't very comfortable. But they do keep your clothes dry and keep you from smelling bad. It is sort of like the menstrual pads -- we gotta do what we gotta do." I would also be more open to buying different brands and styles to find the one least objectionable.

The ads make it seem like anyone should be happy to wear these. Ain't so.
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I do sometimes wonder if not just caregivers but the designers and distributors of these things should be obliged to wear their products for a given length of time as part of the approval/registration process. It might concentrate their minds a bit. Same goes for hearing aids.

I used myself as a guinea pig when I was learning how to operate the Hoyer lift. But that was quite fun and doesn't really count.
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I do wear them a lot of the time or a pad in my underwear. Mostly as a safety measure in case I get "caught short" I have never been unfortunate enough to have to change them in a public place but if that was likely I would wear the ones with side closures for that occasion. Ripping them down the side works well for getting them off too ( like in the ER when you just broke your hip) I will have to ask hubby how he manages because he needs them full time after prostatectomy. He must take his pants off and I don't think he would go with the idea of a skirt. That would be fun in a male restroom. However he did not miss a beat when it came to wheeling me into the ladies room at the hospital. He just banged on the door and yelled "man coming in" getting old is so much fun especially if it happens suddenly!
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jeannegibbs, I wore some after having kidney stone surgery, just in case. These were the old bulky ones. I notice that Depends now have an upgrade version that suppose to be very comfortable.

I have also wore the bulky pads, felt like I was wearing a furnace. Again, it was the older version as my late Mom had some left over. Next time I will try those very thin ones they show now on TV.

I like using them any time I will be going to an outdoor event where I am not sure of the distance away for the restrooms. For me, when it is time to "go", I only have seconds to make that mad dash.
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Well to be fair, menstrual pads (and I imagine incontinence ones too) aren't terribly comfortable either, at least not the maxi ones. And it only stands to reason that all that padding would be hot.

One trick I gleaned from the forum was a method to change a pull up without getting undressed. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but even for my mom who never left the house shaving off that extra step was helpful (and kind of fun). Tear your soiled pull up at the sides to remove, then with your pants still around your ankles, place the new pull up between your legs. Pull side of the pull up down through the leg of your pants on the inside of the ankle and over the foot. There, one leg on. Repeat with the other leg. It's like magic.
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