My grandmother is 74 years old and has been retired for over 30 years. She retired quite young as her plan was to live off of her husband's pension but they later divorced and now she only gets a portion. She never went back to work. Fast forward to now, she doesn’t have a great income but enough to live off. She complains about money all the time and she is depressed because she sees other family members going on trips and no one is offering to pay for her to go. She doesn’t want to pay rent at her current residence and thinks my parents should kick my 19 year old brother out so she can have the basement room and living room to herself. She also wants to get a dog but says that her grandchildren and my parents should foot the vet bills because she can’t afford it.

My parents just bought her a brand new vehicle because her old car broke down, and she’s still not happy. She made the choice to retire early and not save for her retirement. Now she wants me and my family to pay for it. I’m currently 4 months pregnant with my first child and cannot afford to give her any money, neither can my siblings or parents. I honestly don’t know what to tell her anymore and neither does my parents. My parents have actually offered for her to move in as they have an extra bedroom upstairs but she says that’s not ideal for her as she would like a living room all to her self. Which is why she requests the basement. I’m very frustrated with the entitlement and the bad attitude and I don’t know what to do or say anymore. Any advice?

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I think you people are doing it right. You have set boundries. At 44 your Gma could have found a job. As long as she has money to pay her bills then you should not feel you owe her anything. Really, if anyone has any responsibility it would be her children. But, I understand why they have set boundries. So since she can't get to them, she is going after her grands. Stick by your guns. Tell her you cannot afford to care for her. If she can't make it on her income, then take the offer from your parents, the room. But, I think that would be a bad idea on ur parents part.

Next time she brings it up, tell her you r not talking about it anymore. And if she keeps at you, walk out.
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Google "Narcissistic Personality Disorder". It will be an eye-opener. Then, share with your parents.
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I'd just tell her sorry, but you don't have the money to spare. No explanation necessary.
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