I don't mean a family member doing it but someone who come into the home and does it? I had another question earlier this week about my 59yr old brother who has had MS for at least 25 yrs. He recently has lost of lot of mobility, was in rehab a month and is now home being care for by one hired person and family. The bowel issue has become our #1 problem right now since he can no longer transfer himself to toilet. I think we could handle his other needs ok but this is something that is getting to be just too much for us. The family consists of 2 sisters and a 91 yr old Dad. I just think if WE all knew that it was going to be taken care of at a certain time we would not have the tension that is starting to build already. He's only been home 2 weeks. Anyone hear of anything like this?? I would really like to hear from you

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