I've read a few stories here. Just wanted to add.
My abuse wasnt physical or sexual. Mine was emotional. My mother was always "sick" or dying. I would cry myself to sleep every night praying that she wouldnt die. No happy cookie baking mom for me. Just a hypochondriac woman who never once tucked me in or hugged me or kissed me. No bedtime stories or giggles. I was the 5 year old but I was the mother forced to care for her. It was sad and embarrasing as i grew older i never brought my friends home. But then all of a sudden she would be fine. Would leave and go dancing or shopping or whatever only to start the same cycle over and over again. Now i am forced to care for her and shes still dying, complaining, manipulating. Emotional abuse comes in many ways. It leaves me sad and drained. And she never admits to anything. Please let me know if you have had this type of abuse as a child.

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Cat Rudy. Thanks for sharing! Its nice to know im not the only one with these issues. Its so sad that some parents dont realize that they ruin their kids. Damaged goods. And they go on. Never accepting or apologizing. By the time they are gone, we will be old our selves. So sad.
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No sexual abuse, but sure plenty of physical and emotional. She wanted me to stay home from school, starting in grade school, just to take care of her. At my age of 15, she wanted me to quit school, get a job, and start paying rent. Thank goodness, I told my father and for once, he listened. I considered myself obese, but finally realized that 95 pounds when you're a Senior in High School, is not obese. Like you, I never brought friends home as it wasn't allowed. As soon as the crisis hit (again,) though--she went right into a Nursing Home. Never consider yourself forced to take care of her, either boot her out of your house or get out of her house, and let the State take over her care. Detach, detach, detach. With or without love, it doesn't matter. Life is too short to take up this burden, she will out-live you if you are not careful. Don't worry about what others may think, if they think they can do it better, let them. She may have "pulled the wool over" my Dad's eyes, but I see her very clearly and am not getting involved. No more horror stories about her medical "problems" that didn't exist which made me as sad and drained as I'm sure you are feeling. Please realize that they have lived their lives, and you need to be doing the same, without their input.
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