My aunt has required 24 hour care for the past year and is slowly declining. My family is committed to keeping her at home, but the 9-10k a month cost is quickly draining our resources. She will soon be eligible for medicaid, but it appears that they will force us to place her in a nursing home for long term care. Is there any support to help us keep her home?

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Medicare may cover some hours where I live you have to be in a hospital 3 days then in rehab in a nursing home or now days some hospitals have skilled nursing units then a social worker would have to arrange care through medicare which might cover 2-3 hrs maybe 2-3 days a week if you are lucky aides through an agency run about 25 dollars an hr. Of course this would help some but many times they will call you just before an aide is suppose to be there and say they have no one to send and if you do accept that it will happen more often or just no will show up and if the person can not be left alone then you have to supply you own help somehow as it is now the system is not fairI have been there so I talk from experience.
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