Dad can’t drive (uses a walker) and mom shouldn’t drive. Anybody use a service like GoGo Grandparent/ Uber / Lyft? Parents aren’t on Medicaid (yet) so free services are not an option I don’t think? They are in south NJ. I did find a local service but it’s $29/hour and I would have to pay it as they don’t have the funds. Thanks

I live in Salem county. The County Office of aging has a Bus. I would think the surrounding counties have the same service. There is a small fee, maybe $3? They are handicapped excessible. They have buses for Dr. Appt and buses for shopping. I have a friend who drives for them. She goes with the riders why they shop and helps them with their packages. Our O of A has a booklet of their services. There is Access thru NJ transit. This costs a little more than a bus and not sure if Mom would be considered disabled in their criteria. Wouldn't hurt to try.
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Check to see if the county they live in has community transport. Our’s does and it’s $2 one way for Seniors and the disabled. They will pick us up at our door and bring us home. They have handicap transit as well.
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