So I'm here in town near my mom and due to the pandemic I'm on unemployment at the time so I'm able to be here for a short while. But it is challenging when my mom has 3 cats the at her age she has to care for get cat food she cleans their daily messes and thats not easy-with the smell and toxicity of those cat litter compounds.Now he wants to feed cats outside her condominium-the cats that have been left by other ppl moving out and wants me to buy her cat food for them? She's just aching for the condo association to get a complaint that she's doing this and fine her for promoting stray cats. And who gets the fine? I do. I want her to only have one cat and hiring companies take those other 2 she has at home. In the mean time, have you guys ever hear of the source "visiting angels"? I do like to see if they can look after my mom when I'm back to works she doesn't begin to cause problems with giving food to stray cats etc, to make sure she is eating and not burning pots or pans. I know she shouldn't live alone but until I can retransfer back to where she lives I'm limited so any suggestions on all this? I'd appreciate it.

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Dear veryconcrerned,

Good of you to look out for your mom. It's very hard to find the right supports in the community for the elderly. I would try calling the town office or local animal shelter or possibly a church to see what programs are in place. I know its hard on your mom and she probably enjoys having a purpose and the company of the cats, but it can be too much. I'm not sure if a neighbor would be willing to help as well.

I hope things work out.
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