Does anyone else wonder if MOM/DAD or? does something on purpose? I know I am probably being paranoid but case in point. This Morning I gave mom some water because she was coughing at around 7:30- I have RA and cannot move till I take meds so told her I would be back the usual time around 8:30 to get her up and I would probably be able to move by then (after my meds worked a bit). I did not smell anything at that time(sorry to be gross)ANyhow , at 8:30 when i went back in(her room is right acroos from mine) I knew she had gone to the bathroom and more than just pee. Although she said that's all she had. What a mess! I will spare you all the gory details. She has dementia, so i know she gets confused but she is usually not too bad in the morning. She could have called me, she knows i would have come and put he on the commode. I know she has peed out of spite, she once told me so in the hospital,so my mind gets wondering did she really know and did it on purpose because I made her wait to get up, or on the other hand she also does a BM in bed sometimes when she is having a blood pressure drop problem so did she just think it was ok?? As you can see I am bugged this morn by this. I cleaned he up in bed the best I could and gave her a shower just to be sure.It has not started out as a good day. Do you think she knows what she did or what, anyone else ever have this problem? Help!!

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blue how old is your mother? I wonder if it was an accident. You'll never know she won't tell you probably ever it would just start an argument if you just ask. usually the elder turn in to 2 year olds at least that is what i have with granny remember how they would go hide to use it in the diaper. if you ask the child he will denai useing it . sorry your day is bad . we all have bad days and worse days. hope your day gets better.
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