I couldn't belive it. some wonderful bright and very sweet nieces of my hubbys stopped by the house, from several states away,they only had like an hour to visit on their way through and my hubbys aunt looses it! It was 2 hrs. before supper time. dinner was done only needed heating as we were going take the kids to out to dinner. She hears they have stopped in and calls me 3 times in 15 min. wanting me to tell them they need to leave cause we have things to do, and "tell them you have an old woman and a cat to tend to" and when i said they wont be here long cause we were visiting with them outside she sends my daughter out to get me to get her some water cause she only has a little left. So i go in to get her some water try to passiofy her so i can go back out to visit and she keeps saying what are they doing here they need to leave people has stuff to do, i said its ok they are just visiting for a few min. she threw a fit!!! almost falls over slaming her walker around, telling me i will take care of the cat myself, i dont need anything,you wont be back home till 9:30 nor ten, i will put myself to bed!!! then never mind im staying up till you get here. i mean just throwing a little kid tantrum. i didnt know what to do or say. i thought she was going to injure her self, it was terrible. How on earth do i handle this? I told her now i have always been back home by 8 the couple times i have left. This was only 4 in the afternoon! needless to say she got her supper an hour and a half early and i got back ouside just in time to wave them goodbye. arggg. Is this normal behavior? What does anyone else do when faced with this kind of thing?

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