They were unable to stay in apartment alone. They couldn’t take care of each other. I have two younger sisters who don’t have appropriate living conditions (one floor living area). They don’t live nearby. Well my dad passed away from Alzheimer’s 2018. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer which am under doctors care and presently doing radiation. I have a lot of appts and a lot of down time of my own. Mom can’t be left alone. We are in our early 60s and retired but are 24/7 caregivers now.

My husband is now taking care of two of us where he used to just help me with my mom. She has mid stage COPD and is on oxygen. Constantly in hospital once a month for various lengths of time.

What kind of at home care can she get? We need help! She gets little SS, Medicare and pays her own health coverage but no savings. Dad left her with $0. Thanks for any replies.

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Have you applied for Medicaid for her?

Have you talked to her doctor about getting an assessment of her care needs? You can also reach out to your local Area Agency on Aging to get a " needs assessment". They will also help you figure out what sort of assistance she qualifies for.

If she ends up in the hospital and is an admitted patient for 3 days, ask for her to be discharged to rehab. This will allow you to see if she might be better served in a long term care facility.

You need to start taking care of YOU and allow others to care for mom.
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Medicare pays for some in home hours following hospitalization with a doctor's prescription, so contact Mom's doctor (or a hospital social worker) and ask for help setting up some in home care. Contact your Area Agency on Aging and get your mother qualified for Medicaid ASAP. Medicaid provides some additional in home hours in many states and will fund LTC. LTC may be required for your mother as your husband needs to provide more care for you during your treatment.
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