My mom doesn't want to eat regular meals anymore. She is 84. Is this normal?   Her doctor says he doesn't feel its a problem, but I do.

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Does her doctor know what she does and doesn't eat? She isn't likely to eat large meals, and she may not even like to eat when everyone else does. She may need to "graze" and eat small amounts. She needs lots of fluid. This could be a matter of perception as to what and how much a "regular meal" is.

However, since you are concerned, I'd try to find a geriatrician to give you a second opinion. A doctor who specializes in the elders will have a better idea of what is normal for your mom.
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If the menu is static, she's probably tired of eating the same things. Perhaps a little cream of chicken and/or home-made natural shake might be enough to whet her appetite enough for her to start eating "normally" again.

I'd keep items like granola bars, trailmix, fresh fruit, yogurt, and instant oatmeal around the house in case she waits for the coast to clear at night. Also, remind her it's okay if she wants to fix something else for herself; or let her help with dinner. She must be part of the solution.

I wish you the best, and give my regards to Hill St. and any Marine passing by. I miss Camp Pendleton!

-- ED
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My 85 yr old Mom stopped eating a few weeks ago and stayed in bed all day- bp was good, no fever. Turns out she had a urinary tract infection which almost turned septic and has been in the hospital for a week and going for 3 weeks of skilled nursing care. If she quits eating, take her in!
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