My Mom has pulmonary hypertension and Alzheimer's and is bedbound. She is in a large facility but can't participate in the activities or go down for dinner. I am thinking of moving her to a board and care house where there are 6 residents and 3 caregivers but not sure if moving her would be best for her. any suggestions?

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If she has dementia, a move could be hard on her because of the confusion, but if her mind seems pretty good, the board and care would likely have a better caregiver/care receiver ratio. What does she want to do?
In the end it's about the quality of each facility and the staff who run it. I'd meet the staff at the board and care and try to get a feel for how they all get along with each other and how happy the residents seem.
We often have to make difficult decisions for our loved ones. I'd say do your homework, talk to your mom about moving, and if all is good, then move. But if you feel any negativity as far as staff goes in the board and care house, I'd keep her in the AL.
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Thank you carol. Can't really ask her at this point. She is on Hospice because of pulmonary hypertension. She really doesn't know where she is, she actually thinks she is in the hospital. I have private caregivers there 7 days a week for 10 hours a day. Plus she is bed bound for the time.
The real worry is just if the move will make her worse. The board and care has been given great marks from the hospice nurse and other family members I spoke with. Other issue is she does get visitors from people who know her (even though she doesn't really remember them)
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