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Yes, I would think so. Please get her in for a medical checkup. You want to be safe.
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yes I would get her to a Doctor my mom did the did the same thing slept alot some days she would stay in bed she didn't wantot get dressed all she she did was sat there and slept she couldnt hear other times she would stare . please get your mom checked up. If going to a Doctor does no good get her to a hosital.. my mom was like ths i lost my mom December 10, i had to puther in nursing home she as at teh last stages of alz. I would watchher meds because mymother was on namanda 5 mg it stopped working for her i went through alot withher to the point that i as burnt out. I gave up on her Doctor I had to get her to the hospital she kept falling come to find out from the hospital her med stopped working she kept falling she wouldnt eat. i had to get 24 hour care for. be watchful for the changes in your move.. Tjis desease took a big toll on my life. its so horrible.. to be on the safe side gether checked up. mymom wouldnt get dressed she didnt want to get cleaned up i had tohave my friend help me out to bath her. she was agaitated alot agressive when it came down to changing her clothes and getting cleaned up.. I tried toget home health care ofrher . she was too diffiult for any one else to care ofr her i hadher a nursing home she passed away December 10,. Ijust anted to share with you what I went through.
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