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Maybe Dad needs accompaniment and supervision in the bathroom. It’s not going to be easy convincing him he can’t be alone in there any more, but squeegeeing pee off the walls, floors and towels isn’t fun either. A male relative can direct him and “point” him in the right direction. It could have the beneficial result of convincing him he might need to sit or wear adult incontinence briefs.
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Marti, I don't know if this will work for the elderly gentleman or not. My parents were in their 90's, and any time Dad had an "accident", Mom would be doing the cleaning. One time Mom got to tired of all this cleaning, that the next time Dad couldn't make it in time to the bathroom, she handed him the rug cleaner and rags. After a couple of times of Dad doing the cleaning, I saw on Mom's grocery list Depends for Dad.

If that doesn't work, time for the fellow to sit down to pee. If he grumbles that is for sissies, use a "theraputic fib" by saying that basketball players sit down to pee [actually I heard two 30 year old's who played recreational basketball talk about sitting down], and they weren't sissies.
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