Elderly in end stage of life?

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My father is almost 88 yrs old. He was diagnosed with ahlzeimers over a year ago. Has two lesions on both feet that have been treated to no avail. Dr has told me that he is in the end of life stage. Spiking fevor, white nailbed, on oxygen, and infection on feet may be spreading and be the cause, as he can not fight the infection. Has Hospice. What do you think?

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I think you should spend as much time with him as you can. We're here for you.
My mother is almost 96. She still lives in her own apt. but I go over to her apt. several times a day. She has not eaten and food for nearly 3 weeks, but drinks water and has a Pepsi every afternoon. She probably sleeps at least 20 hours a day now. She still gets up and goes to the bathroom and gets In and out of bed. Without eating food how long do you think she has?
Annie, if she can still toilet independently, she is a long way from the end.
i donno pam .
when my mom stopped eating she was shutting down . she lasted about 3 days . she didnt starve . she was just dying and didnt want food or water .
My dad is 94 he has not ate hardly anything ,refusing food for 6 weeks. Drinking when thirsty small amounts of water. He is now weak , lost loads of weight , in bed , lost bowel/bladder control ,very small voice ,
I wish I knew why he is still here .
It is so heartbreaking ,he is so loved , I tell him every day
I firmly believe that they can have some control over when they die, we've all heard about the woman who dies the day after her daughter's wedding or the man who holds on until the distant son comes home. Perhaps your dad is still here because he has some unfinished business, or perhaps he is holding on for your sake... when you tell him you love him tell him also that even though you will miss him you will be OK, give him permission to go. ((hugs))
Sue when my mom was dying from cancer (I know not old age but still dying) she was holding on for a bit. At first it was for my sister to say goodbye and to her family. Then it was to my dad. Then she just needed to hear we were all going to be ok. I would tell her I loved her, hold her hand and then tell her of all the things we were going to do and how we were going to be ok. I told her how I would take care of the others and make sure they were going to do well. I'd tell her how I'd help the grandkids and my sister. I'd reassure her we would all stay close and talk about her often to make sure she lived on but would also still hold jobs and take care of each other. I also reassured her that dad was going to be ok because I was going to stay with him until he was. She passed away after listening to all this. I think it was why she was holding on until she knew we were going to be ok. It's not easy to let go.

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