This is about my 88 yr old Aunt .I became my Aunt's DPOA & Caregiver about 4 months ago.She lives in her own home.She owns her home.She pays her county tax on her home once a yr.
Elderly filing taxes is new to me to hear.I thought after you start recieving SS Benifits there's no need to file taxes on Goverment Benifits.My Aunt has Dementia and I'm new being a POA and caregiver.Does my Aunt need to file Fedral taxes?
My Aunt only gets $1380.00 per month SS.She has about $50,000 in her bank savings and she's on Medicare."NO Medicaid".
She pays $360 per month for Medicare Medical Part B plan
$350 per month for utilities as Electric/gas,At&T ect.
$300 every six months for car insurance.
$200 per month on Grocerys.Not including any other happy over spending she does.As you can see ,She exceeds what she makes per month from her SS check.She gets $1380.00 per month from SS binifits.But,pays over $1900 permonth in bills.She exceeds her monthly benifit checks per month by $500 that requires her to take from her savings to reach.
I opologize for all the numbers but,I think it's best to let you all know what she makes and spends in order for you to help answer my questions.
So,above is what she makes with her SS and what she spends.

In the past month I noticed she's getting these 1099 tax papers in the mail.
One 1099 is from her bank stating bank interest for the year that isn't very much like $50.00
Another 1099 is from Medicare.Does she need to file taxes on these 1099's?
I asked my Aunt if she filed taxes last yr and she told me she don't remember because,of her dementia.
I know nothing about taxes to file her taxes.H& R Block does my taxes each yr.
Getting my Aunt out and about is very hard to do for me.What do I do about these 1099s?Does she need to file taxes?
I thought about placing all the 1099s in a envelope with a letter stating to the IRS Please,do my taxes because,I don't know how to do it with my Aunt's signature and mailing it to the IRS.
Any advice?

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Doesn't sound like it. Did she have ant withholding that needs to get refunded to her. It's always best to go the the real source of info...look at the 1040 instructions.
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Here's the 1099s my Aunt recieved in the mail,
Tax Year 2013 Form 1099-INT Interest Income (Copy B)
Box #1: Savings $87.91,Checking $3.67
next 1099,
Form SSA-1099 Social Security Benefit Statement.
Box 5: $18,000
I was wondering if she needs to file taxes on these?
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dogabone, it sounds like she makes too little to pay federal tax. Still I would file just to have the record. She may owe state tax, depending on whether your state taxes social security or not. TurboTax is an excellent and free way to file taxes online for someone who makes little money. I put a link at the end of this message, in case the link gets axed. I don't want the rest of the message to disappear.

TurboTax will also compute your state tax to see if any money will be owed. They charge around $15 if you also want to submit the state tax from their site. The federal tax is free. It is easy to use.
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This isn't that hard. She probably didn't get a 1099 from Medicare (they didn't pay her did they?). Look at all her income statements from Social Security and her 1099s, add it up and read the instructions about who has to file. It is a common and incorrect misunderstanding that when you are of a certain age or start to get Social Security that you don't have to file any more. Wrong. Look to the amount of income and the 1040 instructions. No one cares what your monthly expenses are for food, rent etc. If you need to, take her info to a free AARP tax help site , with your POA, and see if she needs to file.
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