Repairs and setting home safety are all at once. He cannot afford to pay high prices on his home and we are hoping that your org.may be able to refer trustworthy people that can help him repair and provide home projects.

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I didn't see the other answers until I posted but have another thought.

If your father is a veteran, the VA has some funds for home repair and adaptation.
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Stressed. this is a forum for people to share issues and offer responses. The administration posts articles on various topics but doesn't recommend specific contractors, particularly since it also hosts ads from various entities involved with caregiving.

Unfortunately, you'll have to do your own search, interviewing, background check and repair management.

These are some hits on other posts addressing repairs:

In case you don't get ideas from reading those other posts, these are some issues to consider.

1. Some organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Christmas in April, and one of the national disability associations (I don't know the specific name) do offer repairs to low income people.

2. Other for profit companies sometimes have senior rates.

3. Some for profit companies also specialize in disability, adaptive, etc. retrofitting. I understand from a few contractors I know that they generally don't want to get involved with adaptability retrofitting - it's too narrow a niche, and the profit margins they want aren't there.

4. I think you'll have to separate the repairs from the safety issues as you'll probably need to hire separate contractors, depending on the specific repairs.

5. Some Senior Centers maintain a list of contractors that give special rates to seniors. Others, like the one in the city in which I live, refuse to get involved at all. When I'm looking for a company that's senior friendly, I call Senior Centers that actually are concerned about seniors and don't just offer expensive travel packages like AARP does.

6. There may be county associations that offer low cost or free repairs. Some cities also get HUD funds for emergency repairs to income qualified people. You would have to submit the requisite paperwork to the city to get assistance.

7. Sometimes building inspection departments of cities can advise which contractors do a lot of work in that particular city. That's how I found the plumber I've used for over 3 decades.
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Thankyou for answers my father can afford repairs gradually but this has been a landslide year and within the next six months will be able to pay for issues one by one he is in a mobile home near us and just thought that there may be a good contact for us to trust.
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Stressed, you would have to shop around for a charity group that might help. You could also shop for a low-cost handyman. A good handyman is worth his weight in gold. It's nice to have someone to call when things go wrong.

There is such need for home repair in communities that finding a free and reliable service to do the work would be difficult. You may have more luck finding the handyman. Ask friends if they have any idea of who works for reasonable pay. You may get some good leads.
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Stressed2016, this website is information only, exchange of ideas, etc. that goes worldwide. We can give you suggestions :)

As for your Dad's home, if there are repairs needed today, there will be repairs needed next month, and the month after. Maybe the furnace will need replacing or a broken water pipe. Next will be an appliance. I would start thinking about downsizing to something more manageable, even a senior apartment where Dad would only need to call Maintenance.

My parents lived in their home up into their 90's and they kept it in good shape, or so I thought. It wasn't until they moved out that I find how much work was needed on the place. So now the house is on the market For Sale "as-is" as it would be too costly and too time consuming to fix it up.... plus all of the furniture and stuff left behind that I need to deal with. I just don't have the energy to do a yard sale. Sadly I probably will have to junk everything :( If only my folks would have downsized and got rid of the stuff prior.
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