My great aunt and uncle live in another state (both 84). GU is in a skilled care facility and GA is in assisted living about a mile away (yes, silly and super complicated). Anyway, up until now, GU was also in AL, but a hospital stay got him re-evaluated for skilled care. GA was facilitating a lot of his care in AL, from wound care to PT. So where we're at now....while they lived together in AL, GA did a lot of tasks, especially for GU's care. Making phone calls to insurance, making appointments, etc. I felt that the AL was relying on her waaay too much for this stuff (the place isn't great and seems to accept people that need much more than AL), and it's the reason that PT ended up stopping and wound care wasn't happening regularly either. This was addressed and the situation improved. Now that they're in different facilities, GU is getting much better care because it's skilled care. This facility doesn't rely on GA to do anything. However, there is the issue of the hearing aides.... GA got GU to an audiologist for hearing aides. They've been ready for over a month now. In that time, GU was moved to skilled care. GU can't hear for sh**. Seriously, he needs the hearing aides. I've asked, my mom has asked, the POA has asked numerous times for GA to call the audiologist or to ask the facility to coordinate delivery of the aides. She says she "hasn't gotten there" or "will get to it soon." It's been over a month. I'm baffled as to why she won't make this simple phone call. She's currently planning a 3 week trip to Scotland for the summer. She's living in AL and needs no assistance, not even with medication. There is literally no reason why she hasn't done this task. The POA is more of a mild-mannered person and doesn't push much (I wish he would more). She made the comment to my mom that while the POA helps her, "ultimately things are my decision." She consults multiple people about things like insurance, medical care, etc. which just seems to confuse her with the plethora of info she receives. She has severely backed off on communication with my mom, me, and the POA. I'm worried that not taking care of the hearing aides and the lack of communication is pointing to a larger issue, but I can't figure out what it might be. Is she currently enjoying her freedom from being a caregiver? Relishing her solitary lifestyle? Focusing on herself and her upcoming trip? Sick of all of our sh** with us (her perception) telling her what to do? I'm currently planning on calling the facility myself tomorrow and asking if the audiologist on staff can just make this whole hearing aide thing happen. But I'm worried about her not prioritizing and seemingly "forgetting" what GU needs.

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My DH has been wearing hearing aides for 65yrs. Never have his hearing aids been mailed. When the aid is ready he goes back to make sure the mold fits properly and the aid is adjusted for his hearing problem. This is done by computer. Have u thought that GA maybe showing signs of Dementia. First thing that goes is reasoning,
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