He broke his neck a coupla years ago so his head gets really tired sitting up a lot, But he has only gotten more tired and sleepy. We cannot get him out of bed sometimes because he says he is "tired". He is on oxygen. We check his oxygen and it is ok. His legs are going out from under him. He can be walking and he just fall s to the floor. Could this all be part of the Alzheimers?

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We never let him walk alone. We try really hard for him to use his walker as much as he can. He also likes to try to walk. We are keeping his wheelchair behind him even in the house. If he cannot walk, we will transport him to his wheelchair and take him from room to room that way.We always walk behind him or push in in the wheelchair. He is 88 yrs. old. he started getting lost in the house about 3 yrs ago, then he fell and ended up in the hosp and skilled nursing for 5 1/2 mths. only made the demential worse. WHe has a rod and screws in his neck which make his head heavy and tiresome. I know that laying down does help him with that. But with him getting more tired and sleepy all the time, I just wonder if it is part of the Alzheimers. his appetite is poor. He could without eating most of the day, then we will ask him to get up and eat, especially dinner and he will get up and eat. If we try to get him up, he can get really irritable. We will allow him to stay put unless we just have to go somewhere like a Dr's appt. He just says he is tired and sleepy. He can be up for just a few hours, maybe three or four and he is ready to go back to bed. Sometimes he does not last that long. I am wondering if he is entering the final stage? This has been my thought.
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Some kinds of dementia do have frequent falling as a symptom. The brain's signals do not reach the legs and feet appropriately. I think that if my head got really tired sitting up and I was in danger of falling when I walked I might want to stay in bed, too. Poor guy. Can someone be with him as he gets out of bed and takes a few steps to a wheelchair? Also helping him transfer to the toilet. Helping him transfer to a comfotable recliner that can support his neck and head. Can the recliner be positioned near a window, maybe with a bird feeder outside, so he has a little change of scenery from the bedroom?

How old is her? how long has he been ill? Could he be entering the final stage of his life? How is his appetite?
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