I am a mother of 2 children and my husband's aide( paid) now; recently told that I need to get all financial assets in my name so that he doesn't lose eligibility for hospice care. My concern is where I can find a reputable elderly attorney; my husband is 45 soon to be 46 and I will be 34 this year. I am glad to do things for him but this is still very new territory to me and I am having a hard wading thru it. His family barely cares what is going on and assume I am the gold digger lol and few other unsavory character traits which are not true. I am just trying to protect his life and his interest and in the end it all goes to me in the kids so I need some advice and btw I hope ppl from Az would answer this since I am unsure and those that are in my current caregiving role.

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I'm sorry you are losing your husband at such a young age. Hospice care should be covered by his health insurance. You can check, but most policies cover hospice care.
There's no need for transferring assets for that reason. But if he qualifies for hospice because he is dying, he needs a will to make it all easier for you after his death. You can contact an estate attorney for that and other advice. There should be many in your phone book. This is simply a matter of taking care of family affairs. A living will and health Power Of Attorney would be helpful, too. You and he should get this done. Many of your assets will already be joint property, but if there are still things in his name only, to avoid costly and long probate (court) holdups, a will is necessary. He could sign off of things putting them in your name if that's his choice. You need to talk with him and set up an appointment with an estate attorney very soon.
Please take care of yourself, too.
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