My mother is 84-years-old and lives alone in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She has been living there since my dad died a few years ago. I live in Ohio and have no way of helping her. She has friends there but they all went home for the hurricane. She called me this morning and was scared. The hurricane is heading straight towards her. I can't get there in time to help her, what do can I do for her?

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Since we don't know your Mom's age it is hard to say get in the car NOW. Is there ANYBODY near who could lend her a hand to gather a few things and help her out? This is a terrible position to be in. Does she have an evacuation center close by she could go to? Convince her she needs to save herself first and you will be there to help as soon as possible. It is not the best thing to be in a center but at least you are safe. I agree with jypharr call the hotline or any other authorities that you think could help her. Blessings.
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FYI: If you are in need of assistance during #Hurricane #Irene IN NC call the @NCGovernor hotline 888-835-9966
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I had the same problem with my Mom. She lived on the East Coast of Florida and I lived in Washington state. My Mom refused to leave her manufactured home during the Katrina, Rita, Wilma hurricane season. I suggest letting the local sheriff know that she is unable to evacuate and needs help. This is why it is good to get to know her neighbors or the local authorities. I had to call 911 for my Mom on a few occasions, because she was unable or unwilling to call for help for herself. She now resides in a nursing home. Good luck and I pray she can can find a safe haven somehow.
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