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Calm yourself in this moment. Take a deep healing breath in of caring for your loved one and you, and on the exhale let go of the negative emotions that you have about this situation and you. Breath in deeply to the count of four, hold your breath for the count of four, exhale to the count of five. Do this ten times. Breath in and breath out. In this calm moment, address your current situation,what do you want to do? How do you want to handle the the situation? Caring for a person that you love or feel responsible for is not easy.It's been three years. You have many emotions to deal with- anger, fear, depression, dismay. Do the breathing again. How do you feel? What do you want to do? There may come a time where our loving care becomes an "unwelcomed interference" and the persons quest for "their self of atonomy" clashes with the reality of their capability.In this case, they or other family members will lash out. A charge of abuse is often a missguided attempt of maintaining control by the person or another family member. You may get advice to walk away- the reality is that after three years of caring, walking away may not be an option. You may have to have to fight not only for yourself but the person that you have been caring for. How much more can you physically, emotionally and financially give? Hiring an attorney will be expensive. Take time and figure out what is best for this situation. Do the breathing technique again. How do you you feel? How do you now want to deal with this situation? Let you heart and conscious be your guide. Trust in yourself to make the best descision for you both.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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