There are many indigent (some homeless) elders. I am curious if there are programs in place that will advocate for these elders pro bono. I have not found a group or program that offers this type of (much needed) assistance. Any thoughts, direction, or advice is appreciated. I realize that a guardian may be appointed without a POA in place, but this is both time consuming and costly and potentially becomes a burden when the elder, or his/her estate should the elder pass, is unable to pay the high costs associated with court appointed guardianship.

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Friend had a 95 year old Auntie in care, she had no children or siblings, (or visitors other than my friend). She spoke of a "Chaplin" who handled Auntie's money for her as a volunteer, said he was a nice guy and straight arrow. No idea how she found him originally, though.
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The County Social Services takes over in many cases. Some are homeless by choice, preferring an occasional stay at the city mission instead of being "chained" to an apartment. Those are mentally ill by most standards. Elders who have no estate to pass down are quickly abandoned. No one wants POA over someone with debts only.
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