The range is all over the place. I had some cheap quotes, $1500 all in. I had some expensive quotes, $6000+. In my experience cost really didn't equate to competency. With lawyers, it's a crap shoot. The bad part is you'll never know how well they did unless it gets challenged. If they didn't do a good job, it'll be a rude awakening at that point.
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It depends on what you want them to do. We were quoted $8000 to set up a “half loaf” plan, which we did NOT want, but that did include filling out Medicaid forms (which we wanted him him to do). And it was $400 just to talk to him. He was like a high pressure salesman, selling only expensive packages. Have found another attorney that will discuss options & needs, she is also $400 per hour.

Elder Care attorneys aren’t that common in my area.

Try your best to research them, we’re out $2000 from one attorney who decided not to work after he was paid. And he advertises on sites for senior citizens! Planning on turning him into the Bar Association. He very well might be reading this post!
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needtowashhair Mar 15, 2019
Sounds like we had the same guy. $400 initial consultation fee. Half down as a retainer, the rest on completion. The thing was, completion never happened. Had a few "final signing" meetings where nothing got signed. During our last meeting, he was supposed to get back to us the following week. That was more than a year ago. Haven't heard from him since. We ended up paying thousands, got nothing out of it. He is highly recommended with great reviews so researching didn't help.
lbtnjs4l, that's not an easy question to answer. If one lives in a huge metro area the cost is going to be much higher than a small town elder law attorney.

Also, it depends on what legal paper work that is needed. Such as a Living Will, Medical Directive, Power of Attorney, and the most costly item doing a Revocable Trust.

It would be best for you to contact the Elder Law Attorneys in your area to get a ballpark idea on cost. You will even find a cost difference between a solo Elder Law attorney compared to an Elder Law Attorney who works for a large firm.

For myself, I decided to spend the extra money and voted for a large firm. That way, within the firm, if my Elder Law attorney retires or moves, the firm has other Elder Law attorneys that can oversee my request.

Find an attorney who you feel comfortable with, and who explains the legal jargon so one can understand. And one who has a Paralegal who can do some of the work thus the hourly rate won't be quite as costly compared to the Elder Law attorney doing all the paperwork.
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Isthisrealyreal Mar 16, 2019
Thats interesting that in your area a big firm is more expensive, in my area it is the complete opposite.

We decided on a large firm for the same reason, continuing representation no matter how long we are around.

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