if i leave my job i will go into finanical ruin fast i don't have savings nor my father

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This depends on many things. If your father has Medicare only your options are limited. If you are looking for people to come in help him get out of bed, help him bathe, etc. you are looking at out of pocket cost. I know that many home health agencies have rates of around $25-$35 dollars an hour per CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). If you are looking for someone to come in and just be with him while you are out, provide meals, or do housework you will also most likely have to pay out of pocket.

If your father has Medicaid many of these services are covered (this can vary based on your states rules and regulations).

Another option you have is adult daycare. These places can keep your father safe and entertained while you are away at work.

To learn more a simple call to a local home health agency or adult daycare can get many of your local questions answered. Just tell the about your situation and what insurance providers you have for your father. To find a local home health agency, or adult daycare use the elder care locator here:
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