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Whew! I went through that with my mom and it was not fun so I feel your pain!

I ended up watching her closely and she wasn't allowed to leave her room or sit in a chair unless she had them on. When she would change into her nightgown at night and come back out to sit with us, I would check and if she didn't have them on, I would march her right back to her room. I would put them on her and then she could come back out. Oh, she fought! She cussed at me, threw things, even tried fake crying. But every time I was calm, firm and consistent. What she is getting from me now is the way she taught me to deal with children because it was the way she treated me when I was growing up.

I actually stood outside her door a few times when I told her that she couldn't come out without one on. Every time she would open the door and try to come out, I'd be standing there and not let her pass. After a few times of doing that, I haven't had a problem since.

That's not saying that she didn't take it off when she went to bed. I know she did that for awhile. I got a waterproof zippered mattress pad just in case there was an accident. After forcing her to wear them all day every day, she finally got used to them and now she doesn't take them off.

One thing in this situation - I'm not a huge person. I'm 5'6" and only 124 lbs. Mom is 94 and only about 5' or so at this point and probably weighs between 110 and 120. So although I'm not huge, I do have some height on her. I've never used physical force, nor have I threatened it. I think the fact that I am taller is less important than the remaining calm, firm and consistent. My sister and brothers are all taller but when Mom snaps at them, they turn around and give up.

I wish you much luck - I know it's hard!
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