Dad is 84 and lives in a locked-down facility with frontal lobe dementia.
His behavior got really bad (won't keep his clothes on) and urinary
trouble was suspected. He was put into hospital for 3 days.
When he was returned to his facility, they went over him from head to toe.
Found a band-aid type thing near his tailbone, between his cheeks. His record from hospital doesn't mention this at all. Someone at hospital put that band-aid on him and never made note of the sore. Thank god his dementia facility found it.
The sore now is very bad, about 3/4" deep and half dollar around. His facility and a visiting nurse had a culture done and it shows MERSA.
Now what?! I am furious with the hospital, am afraid of other residence at the dementia facility catching it, of Mom and I catching it, and what this could do to Dad. I don't know what will be done about this situation. Will he be taken out of his facility and put back into hospital for treatment?
Anyone have knowledge about this....would be appreciated.

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A few years back, my daughter got MRSA (in her breast) while she was caretaking for Mom at home - this happened shortly after several weeks of having schlepped Mom back and forth to a PT treatment at the hospital. (Mom had cellulitis). The MRSA was horrible - daughters left breast was swollen to 2x its size, she had to have a drain put in it - nasty stuff. And was was 28 and in otherwise good health when this happened - her doctor believed this communicable hard to treat staph infection 'got in' via a small cat scratch on her chest.

We wiped down ALL hard surfaces in their home with Clorox bleach, and did something with a UV light (you'll need to google it I don't remember). Daughter made a full recovery. Mom never caught it.

Since then I have talked with many people, many of them young people like my daughter - who have had bouts with MRSA, one lady in her groin.

My friend who nurses at a California hopital tells me it is extremely prevalent, and some strains are worse than others. One of the many 'superbugs'; we are always hearing about.

One would hope that your dad's facility has a protocol in place for dealing with this. If not they may need to send him somewhere that does.

Here is some additional info
MRSA is spread by contact. So you could get MRSA by touching another person who has it on the skin. Or you could get it by touching objects that have the bacteria on them. MRSA is carried, or "colonized," by about 1% of the population, although most of them aren't infected.

MRSA infections are common among people who have weak immune systems and are in hospitals, nursing homes, and other heath care centers. Infections can appear around surgical wounds or invasive devices, like catheters or implanted feeding tubes. Rates of infection in hospitals, especially intensive care units, are rising throughout the world. In U.S. hospitals, MRSA causes more than 60% of staph infections.

Best wishes to you both.
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