Going for my daily visit to see Mom, wash her hair etc. She has been so happy in the NH (total suprise) but yesterday she was not happy w her cheesecake (to big a peice) told her safe half for later her reply dont taste good, went on about not liking roomate, they dont care about us here, food is terrible etc. you name it she was unhappy w it, even said Im tired of being here all day everyday( i take her out and about once sometimes twice a week and reminded her Sunday we are going shopping and still wasnt satisfied, w her dementia I know there will be good days and bad days and maybe she realizing she really cant come home w us anymore, IDK but I do know that I shouldve left to go there 20 min. ago and really have to psych myself up to go, It's just the anxiety of not knowing if I will be going to see pleasantly confused Mom or Disgusted w life nothing will satisfy me Mom or the worse one that I just know is coming soon Hell hath no fury like Mom not having her way Mom. Nothing i can do but roll w the punches and hope its a good day for her, just needed to put it out there so it's not bottled up inside me making it worse to deal with! As they say in the movie Star Wars "May the force be w me" lol (if i didnt try to see the lighter side i'd just sit and cry.) Nerves are a little shot, just not adjusting well w it all, not sure i will.....ughhh....Thanks for letting me get it off my chest this site has become my little lifeline when it gets a bit overwhelming,

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Vent away, girl! You are among people who understand. Good days and bad days and very difficult to cope with. All we can do is cherish the good days, not take the bad days personally, and carry on.

Live long and prosper.
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