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It's been reported to the state ombudsman, the Dept of Health, SCAN long term care, and I am now contacting the judge who presided over this man's case. The owner of the facility is his court mandated supervisor. He was released from prison to go to her behavioral health home, but the owner got that one shut down, through a mortgage scam, so she just moved him into one of her assisted living homes with the elderly. Would you want this man living with your aged parent?
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Well, MOST elder care is quite Regulated. State licensing in FL for example includes a level 2 background check by FBI now. Used to be just level 1 by the state Dept of Law Enforcement/FDLE but now it's gotten stricter.
You will see lots of contradictions though as the federal govt gets more involved.
Viva Arizona by the way. Anything I can buy from your state, I do it!
Washington doesn't see that 95% of the country Supports AZ and enforcing our existing laws to protect Our country - doesn't want to see it.
If you know of a felon living at an ALF then please report it.
They don't send people out to check constantly and the person may be "off the books" you never know.
Trust me, you don't want government to be that able to walk in anyplace and to do it often - this is still America, land of the free, because of the brave.
Thanks again
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