The nursing home investigated who and what injured my mom. They interviewed the aides who dressed/toileted/bathed her - none of whom admitted to seeing any injury - even tho the wound was several days old when I saw it. Supposedly, the aides were re-educated and a note put in their files (nobody was fired). I asked the nh to provide an aide for my mom until I could arrange to have her moved to another facility (since I am currently unemployed). They refused, stating that is "against their policy." They promised to keep a close eye on her but at this point I don't trust them. What should I do? I would like to see if I can raise some money from other relatives and hire an aide but I would also like some tips on how to hire someone who is dependable and not another threat to my mother. Any suggestions on the hiring process?

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Sounds like the place she's in isn't a good place a days old wound nobody knew about? Was it infected, if your un employed maybe you could take care of her for awhile,also I think there's ways you can get paid though your local social services dept at you county office it's probably worth looking into for your moms best interest,I wish you luck.masterchief long time hha
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